After Takata, ARC Automotive Probed For Airbag Inflator Malfunction

Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata has been in the news for a while now because of the faulty airbag inflators that could cause serious injuries or even death.

Now, US safety regulators are investigating inflators made by ARC Automotive Inc., that was used in Fiat Chrysler town and minivans, and Kia Optima midsize sedans.

This probe on ARC Automotive Inc. has come in just weeks after Takata agreed to recall 33.8 million inflators in the US, which is the largest automotive recall in the history of America.

The US Safety agency said that in December 2009, it received a complaint about an ARC driver side airbag inflator, which involved a 2002 Chrysler minivan. The agency thought it was an isolated case.

Things came into light when Kia told the agency about a lawsuit that involved a 2004 Optima in New Mexico with an ARC inflator. So the agency decided to start an investigation.

Both the above mentioned cases are the only known incidences that involved an ARC airbag inflator. Takata on the other hand has had eight fatalities worldwide and over 100 injured due to faulty airbag inflators.

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