2015 Nandi Hill Climb “Race To Thunder Head”: Practice Begins

Posted By: Staff

It's time for for drivers to joke, two-strokes to smoke, and modifications bespoke. That's because the hour of the 2015 Nandi Hill Climb has dawned. The practice session is currently underway on the 1.6-kilometre course that winds its way up to the top of the popular tourist attraction, Nandi Hills.

An extensively-modded Yamaha RX100 was the first to get its revs up and blaze off the starting line, and a surreal sense of slightly-hushed excitement followed that two-stroke's expansion chamber as it screamed its way up the ghat road.

And before you knew it, there was plenty leaning and wheelieing. Bikes lined up at the start behind one another, with each rider impatiently waiting his turn to try and work out the best strategy to tame the hill this year.

Very few motorcycles looked like they were factory-spec, with custom decals, expansion chambers, and naked frames being the order of the day. Tomorrow (two-wheelers) is going to be very exciting, that's for certain.

The cars were not to be outdone. This particular Maruti Esteem almost cracked the air in two with its super-serious, super-loud exhaust setup. One car to look out for, for sure, when the sun rises on Thursday, the day the four-wheelers climb.

DriveSpark will be covering the 2015 Nandi Hill Climb over the next couple of days, and we have a participant from our editorial team too! Stay tuned for more updates.

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