2015 Geneva Motor Show: Honda FCV Concept Makes European Debut

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The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is where most manufacturers showcase their upcoming and futuristic models. Honda has taken this opportunity and showcased its FCV concept for the very first time in Europe. It is a near production model that will be launched in Japan by 2016.

The FCV concept is Honda's latest hydrogen powered vehicle. Japanese manufacturer had previously launched its FCX and FCX Clarity models. They have learned from their previous projects and have made further improvement to improve performance and cost of their vehicle.

honda hydrogen vehicle

The Japanese automobile giant will provide its FCV with a 70MPa high pressure hydrogen fuel tank. It boasts of a range of more than 700 kilometres on a full charge. Honda claims it takes only three minutes to fill up the entire tank.

honda fcv concept at geneva motor show

Honda is also taking part in several other activities to better the fuel cell vehicle experience. One of the main concern is the shortage of fuel stations in a country. The Japanese manufacturer is playing a major role in setting up of several fuel cell refuelling stations.

honda fuel cell

Honda's FCV concept is expected to be an alternative to petrol and diesel powered vehicles. It will take a while before these vehicles could even be offered in India. The best aspect of owning a hydrogen powered vehicle is that emits water instead of harmful gases into the environment.

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