Volvo Reveals Its New XC90 R-Design Prior To Unveil

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Volvo is a Swedish automobile manufacturer, they produce vehicles, trucks, buses, construction equipment and many more products. It was founded in 1927, by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson. The compact headquarters is situated in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The company name ‘Volvo' has been derived from a latin word ‘Volvere'. It translates to I Roll, which is in relation to ball bearings. Volvo was earlier a part of SKF. They later parted ways to stand individually and form two separate companies.

Volvo is today known for producing one of the safest vehicles on earth. They have finally revealed their highly anticipated XC90 R-Design model prior to its official launch in October. The SUV looks distinct and follows the Swedish manufacturer's design philosophy with sporty tweaks.

Alain Visser, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service of Volvo Car Group, "It appeals to customers that love active driving and a personal, expressive design. Every single R-Design detail is designed to contribute to the individualistic and refined expression these customers desire."

Volvo has provided its new XC90 R-Design with the same engine and will be available in both petrol and diesel options. The Swedish automobile manufacturer will also have an optional plug-in hybrid model on offer.

The exterior gets a wider and more aggressive looking design. The R-Design XC90 sports larger alloy wheels, dual exhaust system, silver roof rails and side mirrors. The interior has also been overhauled and features sporty seats with perforated leather. The steering wheel gets paddle shifters an sport pedals.

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