Ricciardo: Vettel Respectful During The End Of His Red Bull Career

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Daniel Ricciardo, the 25-year-old Australian Formula One racer, who races for Red Bull Racing alongside Sebastian Vettel, has claimed that Vettel behaved impeccably despite his exit to join Ferrari for the next F1 season.

"He was very respectful to me on the first day and he remained respectful to me after my third win," Ricciardo says.

"I'm sure he would love to have won this season, so there must be some frustration inside, but he has not shown it at any time."

"It is to his credit that he hasn't said anything to me, or in front of me. Maybe he has behind closed doors, but it was not visible to any of us," he added.

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"Apart from his driving ability that everyone sees on TV, his work ethic, the way he works with the engineers, is very impressive," he revealed.

"It has been good to see that from behind the scenes," Ricciardo added. "I think if he's going to Ferrari or to any other top team, he will play a strong leadership role."

Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull Team owner says that the team needed a good leader like Vettel and was confident that Daniel will take up this role very well after Vettel leaves.

Sebastian Vettel on the other hand has signed a deal with the Italian racing team, Ferrari, to race for them from next season onwards, following his role model and fellow-countryman Michael Schumacher.

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