Update: Suzuki Celerio Secures 3-Star Rating In Euro NCAP Test

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Japanese automobile giant Suzuki will be launching its Celerio hatchback in European countries by this year end. They have strict safety regulations and every vehicle has to pass their Euro NCAP test. Airbags is a standard safety feature on all the models in Europe.

In India, Maruti Suzuki Celerio gets airbags only in the top variant. The base models have several vital features omitted to keep costs at check. Recently Euro NCAP had carried a test on India-spec Maruti Suzuki Swift and Datsun Go, which failed the test.

Today we have Suzuki's Celerio being crash tested, to find whether occupants would survive an accident. In the test Celerio has been rammed from side as well as frontal impact. The front impact is takes place at 64 km/h and side impact is at 50 km/h.

From the front impact test it is clear that the crumple zones have worked and do not deform the front doors. Even airbags are deployed on time thus, saving occupants from fatal injuries. The driver and co-passenger would surely have whiplash injuries though.

The driver side impact looks more dangerous as there are no curtain airbags. Occupants would sustain injuries from this impact. Overall the Celerio fares well and scores three stars in Euro NCAP test. In both crashes there is no visible structural deformity other than the affected parts.

Euro NCAP stands for European New Car Assessment Programme—it is a car safety assessment. The testing is done in Brussels, Belgium. It was founded in 1997 by the Transport Research Laboratory for the UK Department for Transport.

Video: How Suzuki Celerio Faired In Euro NCAP Test?

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