UK Encouraging Hydrogen Powered Cars

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With alarms being raised against pollution, global warming and depleting natural resources, the UK Government is encouraging healthy competition with countries like Asia, Japan and America where Hydrogen powered cars are proving a point.

South Korean automobile maker and India's second largest carmaker, Hyundai is among the first to mass-produce fuel cell cars, which is on sale in the US, and Toyota, the Japanese car maker will be selling their design in the UK next year.

Michael Whiteley, a researcher from Loughborough University, says, "The UK has been selected by Toyota as a promising country in which to launch their fuel cell car next year."

"It's doubtful that anything will take over completely from the internal combustion engine because we are not suddenly going to run out of oil, it will be a gradual process."

"But there is a place for the hydrogen fuel cell car. They have significant advantages over traditional cars."

On the contrary, Beyond Petroleum (BP), reports the world has enough crude oil to last only for another 53.3 years. The company claims there is just 44.2 billion barrels left. Time to find an alternate source of fuel is not too far away.

Although the cost of Hydrogen fuel cells is expensive at the moment and lack the infrastructure required, it's time to take a look at alternative means to power cars.

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