Uber Starts Nationwide Driver Verification

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American based radio taxi operator Uber, has started a nationwide driver verification process so that they can begin operations in Delhi again.

The company has asked all its drivers to get themselves verified and checked in the nearest police station if they want to continue with the company.

Uber, apparently starting from scratch, are letting go of short-term revenue to rebuild their brand. The radio taxi operator has around 10,000 registered drivers in the country, out of which about 2,500 drivers operate in Delhi.

The company has asked drivers to get themselves verified in the nearest police stations if from Delhi, or their native home towns for those not from Delhi.

This verification process has been asked to be done to drivers from other parts of the country as well, like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai where Uber is still operating.

In Delhi, those who don't have a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) badge, are asked to get one, involves police verification and a 10th standard pass certificate.

Also, drivers with no proof of permanent address are asked to get a character certificate from neighbours to help with police verification.

Now keeping in mind the crime that was committed by one of Uber's drivers, is this a genuine step taken by Uber to stop further crimes and ensure safety or just an excuse to get back into business? Time will tell.

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