DARV 1.5: Toyota's New Driver Awareness Research Vehicle

By Santosh

Toyota has teamed up with Microsoft and Infosys for their latest Driver Awareness Research Vehicle (DARV). Called "DARV 1.5", the Toyota Avalon based-car aims to simplify the information coming to the driver, in an age of ever-increasing infotainment and in-car tech.

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By simplifying the information reaching the driver, it cuts down dangerous distractions and improves driver safety.

The new concept works like a tablet, displaying information like weather conditions, fuel stations, and route details on the side window as the driver approaches the car. Once inside the car, these features are revealed on the display inside.

toyota unveils new DARV

In the cabin, the system uses a Kinect motion sensor to identify and "lock in" the driver, and enable or disable certain functions in the car, depending on which person is driving.

The DARV 1.5 is also able to collect data about driver behaviour and provide a safety rating after analysing the decisions the driver made.

Toyota feel that these technologies will "help save lives, improve the environment, (and) create jobs". Cars with these systems are not expected before the end of the decade, so there's still time for you to manage your own driving experiences, if you're old school.

But science fiction is coming alive right in front of us, and cars are going to become very, very different sooner rather than later.

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Article Published On: Thursday, July 24, 2014, 10:45 [IST]
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