All Toyota Cars To Be Equipped With New Parking Feature

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Toyota, the Japanese car manufacturer has improved its Intelligence Clearance Sonar (ICS) technology by adding a new viewing mode to its Panoramic View Monitor.

The monitor helps the driver to help check his surroundings to avoid minor nicks and bumps while parking or navigating out of tight parking spaces.

This feature will be offered in all the Toyota models being sold globally from next year onwards.

The Intelligent Park Assist will use the ICS to help prevent collisions or crashes with automated braking. A new multi-point turn support function will also control steering in tight parking spaces that require the driver to go back and forth multiple times in order to park the vehicle.

intelligent park assist toyota

Another function will help the driver get out of parallel parking spots which could be a tough maneuver for some because of vehicles parked very close to each other. This will be partially automatic.

The Panoramic View Monitor is also improved with a See-through View, which gives the driver a driver's-perspective view around the vehicle. Compared to the existing Moving View, the See-through View helps the driver identify obstacles easier.

These new improvements are made to reduce accidents that occur in parking lots, thus minimising property damage.

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