Women-Only Taxis To Provide Solution To Uber's Incident In India

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Following the incident that happened in Delhi, where a young women was mistreated by a Uber Taxi driver, a company called She-Taxi could provide a solution regarding women safety.

Around 40 pink taxis that provide service to people in Kerala employ only women drivers and could be a solution for safe transport for women.

This company is now looking to expand into Mumbai and Delhi, with a focus to offer safe service to women passengers.

GCabs and Priyadarshini, two other similar companies that operate in other parts of India, are also looking to expand in a national level.

These cabs, apart from being equipped with a GPS/GPRS, will also have separate alarms for driver and passenger in the cabs, which will be connected to their respective call centres.

"Gulabi Auto", a concept that was thought of by Bangalore Political Action Committee (BPAC), which intends to start an auto rickshaw service operated entirely by women is currently under the consideration by the government of Karnataka.

Revathy Ashok, the CEO and Managing Trustee at BPAC says, "Safety is a big issue and this project also solves the problems of providing livelihood to women and empowering them. If women can be construction workers then why not auto drivers."

TV Mohandas Pai, the VP of BPAC says, "We have pushed aggressively for the Gulabi auto project but the government seems to be dragging its feet on this. Bangalore would probably have the largest working population of women employees working late nights, and the government seems to be apathetic to their needs."

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