Tata Motors Profits Tripled Through Jaguar And Land Rover

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Tata Motors' net income was boosted to INR 54 billion, thanks to Jaguar and Land Rover. This is the biggest increase in profit since the last quarter of 2010.

The profit increased three fold during the first quarter of this year due to high demand for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. The revenue for Tata Motors grew 38 percent to INR 646.8 billion.

Most of the credit goes to Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR) whose sales went up to 61 percent in China. The demand for the Jaguar F-Type convertible and the range of Land Rover SUV's helped JKR to double their profit to USD 1.16 billion.

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JLR's deliveries also rose 22 percent to 115,596 vehicles mainly because of the F-Type and the fresh line up of the Range Rover vehicles. The company is looking for better results next year when the new Jaguar XE and Land Rover Discovery Sport when they are up for sale.

In India however, Tata motors saw a decline in sales when passenger vehicles fell 37 percent during the first quarter and the sales of trucks fell by 25 percent.

Tata Motors reported a profit of INR 3.94 billion in spite of receiving a dividend of USD 252 million from JLR.


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