Tata AutoComp And KATCON Sign Joint Venture

Tata AutoComp Systems Limited and KATCON Global enter a 50/50 joint venture agreement to supply exhaust systems and emission after-treatment systems to the Indian automobile industry.

The JV between the two will be headquartered in Pune, India.

The range would cover exhaust solutions for passenger cars, utility vehicles, commercial vehicles, buses, farm tractors and off-road vehicles.

The product range will have solutions for the hot and cold end of the exhaust system like catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters, selective catalytic reduction, mufflers, and silencer modules.

Ajay Tandon, MD & CEO of Tata AutoComp Systems Limited said, "Tata AutoComp has always been the frontrunner in offering cutting edge technologies to its customers through its partners. This partnership with KATCON will expand our portfolio to now bring the latest in exhaust and emission after treatment solutions to the Indian automotive Industry."

Arvind Goel, President, COO & CTO, Tata AutoComp Systems Limited added: "As the Indian automotive market evolves, automotive manufacturers in all segments will have to upgrade their emission systems to meet the rising Indian and Global standards. Through this JV we will be offering our customers exhaust systems and emission after treatment solutions that are designed to meet Euro 5 and Euro 6 norms."

Carlos Turner, CEO of KATCON Global said, "We are pleased to partner with Tata AutoComp Systems Limited, a leading player in the Indian auto-component industry. The combination of KATCON's expertise in exhaust systems and emission after-treatment and Tata AutoComp's knowledge of the Indian market provides both companies an opportunity for growth and serve the emerging needs of the Indian automotive industry."

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