SIAM Voices Its Thoughts About Global NCAP Crash Test

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Global NCAP, an international agency that conducts crash tests on new vehicles, recently conducted its test on the Maruti Suzuki Swift and the Datsun GO. Both failed pathetically.

Since then, there has been a debate about safety and the methods used by the European company to test Indian cars. Maruti had made a few quotes saying that the cars meet Indian standards.

Now, the Society Of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, (SIAM), has voiced its opinion defending Maruti and Nissan.

Vishnu Mathur, the Director General said, "Every country has its own safety requirements. Our cars are meeting safety norms set by the government."

He also spoke out his knowledge about testing methods done by Global NCAP. He said even in a developed country like Europe, crash tests are done at 56 km/h and not at 64 km/h.

"Our average speed in India is far slower. To say that a particular car hasn't met Global NCAP test is nothing but scaremongering,"

One serious question that arises now is that if the Director General of SIAM, know that majority of the Indian highways have a speed limit of 70 km/h and above and that most vehicles go very much above the limit. High speed accidents are very much a threat and have been recorded multiple times.

Getting back to Mathur now, he said, "There is no data to prove that a particular car is dangerous based on how many occupants have been killed in accidents. Global NCAP had issued a test result based on just a crash test."

Defending Maruti and Nissan, he said, "None of these companies have ever claimed that their models are 5 star rated on safety. The consumers are aware what they are buying."

"What Global NCAP should be doing is to spread awareness on safety and encourage customers to but cars with all safety features, even if they come at higher cost."

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