Michael Schumacher Paralysed With Speech And Memory Problems: Friend

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Michael Schumacher is paralysed with speech and memory problems, according to Philippe Streiff, a friend of Michael and ex-Formula One driver who was himself left in a wheelchair after a crash.

Schumacher, who met with a skiing accident in December 2013, suffered severe brain injuries, and was induced to a coma by the doctors.

The seven time world champion was in a hospital for nine months before he returned to Lausanne Hospital, Switzerland, in June and later to his his home in Lake Geneva to continue his treatment.

Streiff said, "He is getting better but everything is relative. It's very difficult. He can't speak. Like me he is in a wheelchair, paralysed. He has memory problems and speech problems."

Jean-Francois Payen, one of the doctors who has been treating Schumacher for his injuries at the Grenoble hospital where Schumacher was taken after the accident, said the former champion will need years to recover. "I have noticed some progress but I would say we will have to give him time."

"It is like for other patients. We are in a time scale of one to three years, so you need patience."

Schumacher was skiing in the Alps with his 14 year old son when he met with this accident. Corinna, Michael's wife has been a constant support as well as a presence at his bedside.

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