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How much water do we waste washing our cars? The estimated numbers are quite shocking. In a city like Mumbai, assuming that 10 litres of water are used to wash a car, and one lakh cars are washed every day, the figure amounts to 36.50 crore litres of water yearly in one city for cars only, not including bikes and three-wheelers.

If you take a typical service centre washing into account, the water consumption figure grows to around 250 litres of waters for a complete car wash. So is there a solution for this huge wastage of water?


One Mumbai-based company claims to have one, in what they call "WOW Wash" or "WithOut Water Wash". This product is an environmentally friendly solution that is claimed to be an alternative to using water in the top washing or car exterior washing process, with benefits like eliminating water from the said process, saving electricity, man power, man hours and additionally enhancing the gloss of the car.

We were invited to a demonstration by Shripad G. Ghurye, the man behind WOW Wash, at a Maruti Authorized service centre in Bangalore. The unique solution was sprayed on a rather filthy Maruti 800, on the windscreen and the bonnet, and then wiped off using the WOW Wipe cloths that also form part of the WOW Wash package. The results were very impressive. One WOW Wipe cloth was used for the spotless cleaning while the second cloth was used for buffing to produce a high level of gloss from the finished surface. This certainly seemed far superior to normal water washing process, and was attained without using a single drop of water. Ghurye claims that even wiping a new car down with this unique solution results in a higher level of gloss, such is the power of this product.


Maruti Suzuki has tested this product and has given it the thumbs up for use in their authorized workshops, dealerships and service centres. Currently WOW Wash solution is available in bulk packaging at a price of around Rs 506 per litre. One litre of WOW wash can be used to wash and clean 30 cars in the service centre. For personal use, this figure could be higher than 30 applications because the car remains cleaner for longer time, since one of its additional characteristics is of repelling dust, which it prevents from sticking to the car. WOW Wash will soon be available in retail outlets in smaller retail packaging as well, at what the company claims will be an economical price.


So is WOW Wash the future of the car wash? It might just be, but only if it is priced correctly so that the masses can adopt its application. But the environmental benefits of the 100 percent natural wonder solution are hard to ignore, and this alone swings our vote in its favour.

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