Precision Drifting Showcased On Streets Of New Zealand

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Any type of racing is difficult and needs practice to master. Today we take a look at drifting and how many young talents are taking to it. The art of drifting a vehicle is entirely different from what we have learned over the years of racing.

Drifting requires precision and speed, however, lose control of either and you will be in the wall. Today we found a video by Red Bull who takes the entire concept of drifting to another level. They have taken drifting to the streets of New Zealand with spectators and obstacles in close proximity.

Traditionally, drifting competitions are organised with two drivers driving at the same time. In precision drifting the driver is racing against the clock to beat his competition. Drivers have to drift on street circuits with trucks and other vehicles as obstacles. Even the fans and spectators are closer to the action to witness mistakes and accidents.

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