Ola Commence On-Demand Rickshaw Service In Bangalore

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Ola is popular for their cab service in several cities of India. They have successfully made hiring a taxi more simple and safe. The taxi service offers electronic meters and bills, which cannot be altered. They have made the taxi industry more transparent.

Currently there are still cities that have auto rickshaws that charge as they feel. For a newcomer in the city this is a taxing experience and they are often fooled, as they do not know the distance and rarely have the patience to bargain. Now Ola has commenced their on-demand auto rickshaw service exclusively in Bangalore.

It is currently a pilot project and more details will be provided soon. The goal of Ola is to capitalise on the unorganised three-wheeler market. They will be providing an on-demand system for doorstep pick up and drop for passengers.

For the pilot testing they have acquired 300 auto rickshaws in Bangalore. They will be training the drivers on good etiquette and responsible driving. The Ola auto rickshaw service will function a bit differently to their taxi operation around the country.

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The Ola Auto service can be availed by booking from their beat app. Currently Ola money cannot be used and only cash has to be paid. They will also be charging a convenience fee of Rs. 10 for pickup from your doorstep. The drop off point also has to be mentioned prior to booking.

This is an excellent option for those individuals who prefer paying by the meter and have no time to bargain. It also makes things fair between the auto rickshaw driver and the passengers. So far the experiment is being carried on in Bangalore, it could be implemented in other cities as well.

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