Road Transport And Safety Bill Revised

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The road Transport Ministry of India has suggested a change to the proposed Road Transport and Safety bill. This has brought a big relief to the carmakers in India.

Earlier, according to the old bill, vehicle recalls must be made once there are 100 complaints. According to the new bill, it does not specify any number.

In the presently proposed bill, there has been a request to set up a national authority, that would keep a watch on vehicle safety.

It has been proposed that this new body should have the power to recall vehicles under few specified conditions mentioned in the bill.

The authority should have enough power to recall a particular vehicle if a defect can cause injuries to the driver or to the occupants.

The bill mentions that this provision can be invoked when "a defect in that particular type of motor vehicle has been reported to the national authority by such percentage of owners as specified" by it.

Other conditions for a vehicle recall include that carmakers shall be liable to pay compensation in case of damage caused due to a crash where it was caused by a mechanical or electrical defect in the vehicle that existed at the time of manufacture.

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