Video: Modded Nissan GT-R Sets New Quarter-Mile Record

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A Nissan GT-R has more than 500 horses to give it its incredible performance. But what happens when that figure is almost quadrupled? A bowel moving display of brutal speed, that's what. And it's all on video for you.

The Alpha Omega, one of AMS Performance's most recent creations based on the Nissan GT-R, has just put its 2,000 horsepower (no, don't adjust your display settings) to serious record-breaking use at the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas, USA.

 modded nissan gtr sets new quarter mile record

This scalding hot machine managed to clock a speed of 300 km/h while devouring the quarter-mile in 7.7 seconds, a new GT-R record. Oh, and 0-100 km/h was achieved in 1.53 seconds... The amazing feat brought the car to within 0.4 seconds of the all-time AWD world record held by an R32 GT-R.

The outrageously-modded Alpha Omega rode on 15-inch track slicks, saw the engine bored out to 4.0 litres, and featured a disengagement system for the front-drive, so the car could perform burnouts to lay down rubber in preparation for its speed runs.

All-wheel-drive, while being great for traction off the line, actually becomes a hindrance on a drag strip, since after the start, the system does not allow for greater acceleration and transfer of power to the ground, but actually becomes a weighty addition to the car. Despite this, the Alpha Omega managed to wheelie and writhe its way to the quarter-mile mark during the spectacle that the run was.

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