Mercedes-Maybach S600 Interior Revealed Prior To Launch

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Mercedes-Benz launched their S-Class globally in 2013. From the very beginning it was considered to be the best car on Earth. The German luxury car manufacturer offers various models in their S-Class portfolio.

The 2014 LA Auto Show will be open to general public from 21st to 30th of November, 2014. There will be a special show for media from 18th to 20th of November, 2014. Several manufacturers will bring their concept and new models to the show.

German luxury automobile manufacturer will be launching their Mercedes-Maybach S600 limousine model at 2014 LA Auto Show. They will also be showcasing a SUV based on their S-Class. The S-Class SUV will be launched in 2016, however, they have revealed interiors of S600.

Mercedes-Benz had earlier discontinued their Maybach range of vehicles in 2012. The major reason for this move was poor sales and a weakening economy. Now in 2014, Mercedes-Benz will be selling their Maybach cars as a sub-brand. These vehicles are exclusive and are made for the super-rich.

The German manufacturer has revealed its premium and exclusive interiors. They have also revealed that the Mercedes-Maybach S600 will be powered by a V12, 6.0-litre engine. It will be capable of producing 530 horsepower, along with a peak torque output of 830 Nm.

"The Mercedes-Benz brand stands for the aspiration to deliver 'The best' in terms of products, technology and services. In the S-Class segment in particular, customers have very high expectations with regard to exclusivity and individuality. Mercedes-Maybach enables us to fulfil these desires in the exclusive top segment of the market".

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