Mahindra Introduce In-Car Dustbins Supporting Swachh Bharat Campaign

Mahindra has recently launched its next generation of the Scorpio. The SUV is part of their history and is their strongest product in their portfolio. They are proud of their SUV and it was noticed that even our Prime Minister likes a Scorpio.

Now our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced the ‘Swacch Bharat' campaign. He had even tweeted a photo of him sweeping a section of the street. People have followed him and posted several photos of them taking care of their trash, along with others.

There are several instances when we are travelling in our vehicle, we tend to throw things out of the vehicle. This is not particularly a good habit and other countries fine individuals heavily for this nuisance.

Mahindra has taken a step forward and has promised to introduce in-car dustbins in all their vehicles. These will be in the form of strap-on bags, which can be attached to a seat, window or even the air-conditioner vent.

The Indian automobile giant will provide either hard or soft plastic dustbins. These dustbins can take care of a decent amount of trash over a short travelled in one of Mahindra's vehicle. They are doing a good job of trying to tell people not to dirty their environment. Instead they should collect their garbage and dispose it off properly.

So if your vehicle does not have an in-car dustbin, please try to carry a bag and do not try it out on the road. If we want our environment clean we need to take care ourselves first and not litter everywhere. Mahindra is doing a great job and we all too should help in the ‘Swacch Bharat' campaign.

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