Indian Prefers Donkeys Over His Jaguar!

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With many automakers from abroad bringing their exclusive luxury cars to India, people who can afford expensive cars buy them without a second thought.

Although these expensive cars are a joy to own and pleasure to drive, servicing them can be a bit of trouble if there are no trained personnel.

This is exactly what happened to this person from India, who owns a Jaguar XF.

The person took his Jaguar XF to the local Jaguar service centre with posters quoting "bogus car," "bogus service" and "bogus company" on the car.

To add insult to injury, he got some hay on the car and managed to find a few donkeys, tied them to the car and made them pull the car!

He then put up a message saying "It's better to have a donkey than a Jaguar."

Nobody really knows what exactly drove the owner of the Jaguar to take this step, but this is clearly a person with a very strong message to Jaguar.

There was another similar incident sometime ago in Italy, but involving a BMW. The Italian put up posters on his M6, then decided that a sledge hammer was the perfect tool to smash up the car. The M6 had mechanical trouble which frustrated the owner.

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