1000 Km Range Indian Electric Car That Can Recharge In 5 Mins

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Gujarat will soon become home to a company called Golden Arrow Wireless which has already showcased its prototype, an Electric Sports Car called the SuperNova Electric Vehicle (SNEV).

The company is looking for 50 acres of land to start building India's first ever sports car, with zero emissions.

The SNEV was showcased during the Auto Show Gujarat 2014, which took place towards the end of November.

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The all electric made in India sports cars will be available in three battery options- lead acid, lithium ion and supercapacitors.

Two factors set this car apart from other electric cars- the range and the time required to charge them.

The cars can run run for 1000 km on a single charge claims its maker and founder of Golden Arrow Wireless, Shashi Vyas.

Charging the batteries on the other hand, would take eight hours for the lead acid one, two hours for the lithium ion battery and a mind blowing five minutes for the car powered by supercapacitors!

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Vyas also claims that the car would do a top speed of 150 km/h.

The company so far has raised INR 500 crore from its investors and looking for more to start production of this car. The company is looking to open manufacturing facilities in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Raipur and also somewhere in Gujarat.

The company has already received 250 bookings since and what is holding them back is ARAI, who claim that there were no guidelines to approve electric sports cars in the country, but are in the process of coming up with regulatory framework, speaking to the government of India.

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