Honda Introduces New Driver Assist System

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Honda, the Japanese carmaker has introduced a new driving aid system called Honda Sensing that will be debuted with the new Honda Legend in Japan.

This is a step taken towards Honda's collision free society goal, a part of Honda's global safety concept, called Safety for Everyone.

The new system will have sensors with two characteristics. The first is a is a millimetre-wave radar placed inside the front grille, and the second is a monocular camera mounted on the inside of the windshield.

The system is designed for five major functions. A Collision Mitigation Braking System which gives an audio as well as a visual warning about a head-on collision, if detected. In case the driver does not react, the car will automatically brake to prevent an accident.

A Road Departure Mitigation System which uses the camera to warn the driver if the car moves away from its lane. In case it does, the steering wheel will begin to vibrate, and there will be an audio warning. If there is no reaction, the car will attempt to steer back into the correct lane. In case the vehicle wanders away too far, the car will automatically brake.

The third is a Pedestrian Collision Mitigation Steering System that uses the radar and camera to detect pedestrians. If detected, the car will steer away, to avoid a collision.

The vehicle also has a False Start Prevention Function which works at stop lights to see if the driver accelerates too fast when another car is still in front. In such a situation, the car will prevent acceleration and give the driver an audio and a visual warning and also vibrate the accelerator pedal.

A Lead Car Departure Notification System will give audio and visual notification when the car in front starts up in standstill traffic.

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