Terms And Conditions To Operate A Radio Taxi In Delhi

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After the recent alleged rape that took place in Delhi by a driver of the very popular Uber cabs, the government has banned several companies from operating their taxi services in Delhi.

Here are the following terms and conditions to operate a Radio Taxi Service as issued by the transport department in 2006.

We have split the rules into three categories, the driver profile first, the vehicle requirements and what the operators must follow.

Driver Profile:

1. Licence:
A taxi driver needs to have an appropriate driving licence. This is the first and foremost thing. A valid four-wheeler licence to drive a taxi and ferry passengers. The driver should have a public service vehicle badge.

2. Studies:
A taxi driver must have passed Class X or equivalent. This is mainly to understand road signs, read rules and for basic communication.

3. Tests:
The driver must have passed basic test conducted by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and also a few special tests conducted by them in order to obtain a valid licence to drive a taxi.

4. Appearance:
A taxi driver must always be in full uniform as per government rules.

5. Past:
A taxi driver should not have had any past criminal records. This will be a black mark on the conduct of the driver.

Vehicle Profile:

1. Condition:
During the induction of a vehicle into the fleet, the vehicle has to be brand new. This is mainly to ensure the safety of the passengers.

2. Tracking:
Every vehicle operated by the radio taxi operator should be fitted with a GPS/GPRS-based tracking system. The position of the vehicle must be known at all times.

3. Communication:
Vehicles should be fitted with a mobile radios on the dashboard. This is to ensure communication is never lost between the vehicle driver and the main control room.

4. Details Displayed:
Details such as the drivers name, photo and licence particulars like issue date and validity should be displayed on the dashboard.

5. Helpline:
The vehicle operator's helpline number should be displayed on the inside as well as the outside of the taxi.

6. Fuel:
Vehicles should run on CNG.


1. Office:
The registered office must have a reception, administrative section, cloak room and sanitary blocks.

2. Facility:
The facility should demonstrate adequate parking space and should have facilities for housing as well as maintenance of vehicles.

3. Fleet:
The fleet should have a minimum of 50 cabs and 50 percent of the cabs should be equipped with air conditioning. The fleet size should go up to 500 vehicles in one year of operation.

4. Verification:
The taxi driver's history and the genuinity should be verified by the operator. A police verification certificate on the genuinity of the driver is a must and operators must verify this.

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