Google Working To Build Android Directly Into Cars

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Internet giant Google is setting up its foundation to allow drivers in the near future to enjoy the infinite possibilities of accessing the internet in the car, without having to connect a smartphone to the car at all.

According to sources, this big move is an advanced version of Google's current Android Auto software, which will debut in 2015, which requires a smartphone to be connected to a car that is compatible, with an in-built screen to access music, maps and other applications.

Google has never revealed any details about any timeframe for this plan to hardwire Android Auto to cars directly. The company now plans to do so when they come out with the next Android version, Android M.

google services in car

If this plan of Google proves to be a success, the entertainment and navigation system of cars will be powered by Android system as standard in the future.

This will give Google a stronger stand in the automobile industry, where it is competing with Apple.

Hardwiring it means that every time a car is cranked up, Google services will go live, without a phone being connected at all. Google could make more use of a vehicle's camera, and other features.

Hindrance faced by Google for this new development are performance and stability for carmakers to adopt it. The Android services must come on instantly when the car is started, instead of waiting.

Auto manufacturers even if convinced, must be careful of not giving Google an insight of the components used in the car, and also the risk of giving Google a prime spot in the vehicle.

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