Formula One Three Car Per Team Theory

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Formula One is an expensive sport and there are many small teams that are struggling to arrange sponsorship. The motorsports head honcho Bernie Ecclestone is a genius when it comes to improving and improvising to better Formula One.

They are planning to make Formula One more interesting and affordable to more. Next year there will be a host of new rules that is expected to make the competition even more tough. The two important changes expected for 2015 championship are the following.

Formula One officials will be banning team members giving instruction to drivers as to changing brake bias, fuel mappings and many more other technical details. This rule is being enforced to make the driver in charge of the vehicle, than the race engineers.

The other most significant change rumored is fewer teams in the coming seasons, however, participants will be more or less same. Formula One officials wants fewer manufacturers and more drivers. The only way this is possible by allowing teams to have three contingents per team.

We believe this could make Formula One more interesting, however, on the other hand it will eliminate smaller teams. This means the lower order teams could move out and could only be a sponsor for the top teams. This new rule has both positives and negatives at the same time.

The decision has not been finalised as yet and Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed a final verdict will be out soon. They will make an official announcement before the end of this season. Formula One this Sunday will be held at the Singapore Grand Prix at their street circuit.

Story first published: Sunday, September 21, 2014, 11:03 [IST]
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