Ford Inaugurates ASSET Training Centre In Cochin

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Ford India has inaugurated its first Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET) Centre in collaboration with the Social Welfare Technical School, ITI Cochin.

The company will set up a technical centre within the institute premises to train students on Ford technology under the Motor Mechanic Vehicle (MMV) curriculum.

P.K. Umashankar, vice president, Customer Service Operations, Ford India commented, "We are delighted to partner with Industrial Training Institute, Cochin in our endeavor to provide the latest automotive training to students. With the program, we have truly created an asset that will not only help students with better growth and employment prospects but also the automobile industry with skilled workforce." He continued, "We would like Ford ASSET centers to be the primary source of trained pool of technicians for Ford dealers across the country and look to expand the partnership to 10 centers in the time to come."

In addition, the initiative includes Train-The-Trainer sessions for institute lecturers. There will also be sessions for students conducted by master technician/in-house trainers organised by Kairali Ford.

The Ford ASSET centre will provide students with skills to service Ford cars and subsequently making them eligible for work in Ford service centres across the country.

The facility will be a tri-party initiative involving Ford, the dealer and the ITI. Ford will provide the technical know-how and reference aids with trained instructors, the dealers will set up the training centre and also provide training at dealer workshops.

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