New Radio Taxi Proposal May Lead To Individuals Getting Taxi Licence

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Individuals could get a licence to run taxis under the proposed measures by the Transport Department of Delhi, for radio taxi operators.

Earlier, only companies could get a licence to operate. Now, an individual can acquire a licence for INR 5,000. Companies can get a licence when a bank guarantee of INR 15 lakh is provided.

An investor in Olacabs said, "If approved, this automatically helps to make aggregation model legal as the companies can attach these cabs without getting a license themselves."

radio taxi operating mesures

Another change with the new scheme could be that the minimum cars needed to register a company as radio taxi providers could come down to 200 cars from 500.

Few operators feel that they can get the company registered in Gurgaon, where the minimum cars required to register as a radio taxi operator is 20. This will give them access to operate in the NCR region as well.

A few taxi drivers feel that converting vehicles to run on CNG is expensive. According to rules in Delhi, radio taxis should run on CNG, which could be a catch for many.

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