Veyron Fetches Big Money Even After Being Wrecked

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In recent days, there have been a lot of accidents involving supercars. Many were damaged and some beyond repairs.

Along this list is a Bugatti Veyron, which was wrecked after a crash and was sold recently for £167,243 in spite of having major damage, like a missing tyre, scraped bodywork and even peeled off panels.

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This Veyron was driven by its owner on the Austrian autobahn when the crash occurred, damaging the right side of the car is completely, and even managed to lose a tyre while at it.

The undercarriage of this Bugatti Veyron also took damage and so did the suspension. The underneath of this car has a lot of mud and grass which could mean the car possibly went off the tarmac before or after impact.

This car was sold by AXA, an insurance company. The buyer, after paying the for the car, has repair bills to pay for as well, which could work out to six figure digits.

Hopefully the new owner is careful enough to not crash the car again after spending a total of almost £650,000, which would include repairs


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