BMW Hire Ex-Ferrari Engineer To Keep Up With Competition

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BMW, one of the world's leading car makers has hired Roberto Fedeli, the former chief engineer of Ferrari to keep up with the intense competition from rivals like Audi and Mercedes.

Fedeli, joined Ferrari in the year 1988, and has been heading the engineering department since 2007. He will take charge from November this year.

ex-ferrari engineer joins bmw

Fedeli left Fiat owned Ferrari a month ago, which coincides with the departure and resignation of Ferrari chairman, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo after a bit of a dispute over strategy with the Chief Executive of Fiat, Sergio Marchionne.

The three leading car manufacturers in Germany have had a tough battle to fight for the top spot, and BMW leads. Audi is not far behind and is closing the gap between BMW and themselves and Mercedes is at the third spot.

Fedeli will be a big asset for BMW because he is an expert when it comes to lightweight construction materials, who has overseen Ferrari's aluminum and composite cars. Hybrid powertrains and supercars in general are his area of expertise.

It was Fedeli who approved the LaFerrari's design and almost every car that rolled out of the Ferrari factory since 2007.

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