Bangalore Engineer To Design A Flying Car

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A K Vishwanath, a 54 year-old engineer from Bangalore is making an attempt to design and launch a flying car, that can take off and land vertically.

The concept is still to be proofed. A graduate from BMS College of Engineering, Vishwanath is trying to replicate the designs that Terrafugia and AeroMobile have followed.

The Bangalorean's design will replicate insects' way of flight. Insects manipulate air in many ways. The airflow that an insect creates through flutter is the key to Vishwanath's invention.

Vishwanath said, "We have to re-science the technology and create a platform which we can milk for the next century."

The whole sci-fi concept of a flying car has always been around since US aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss patented one in the year 1917.

Vishwanath says he can replicate the airflow of more than 20 different insect species. This can allow an object to cruise, hover, stall and take off.

His design is in the hubs of vehicle wheels. Little wings attached to the sides of cars can use the airflow to lift the car about 3-4 feet off the ground.

After 10 years of intense study, the engineer is now ready to showcase his first proof of concept at Aero India 2015, which will be held in February in Bangalore.

Vishwanath already has two patents to his name, and says his invention can help support diverse fields.

Determination in his mind says "I don't know about failure. But the goal is to bring flight to common man and herald personal aviation."

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