Audi Recalls 8,50,000 A4 Models For Airbag Issue

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Audi has detected a potential problem and have recalled 8,50,000 units of their premium sedan, the A4.

The reason is the airbag for models built after 2012. The problem is with Audi's own software, that might not allow the airbag to deploy in case of a crash.

The issue first came into light when 150,000 units of the total affected A4s were still in Germany, where the cars were assembled. Their software was adjusted soon after.

audi a4 air bag trouble

There were also reports that 2,50,000 of the recalled models were from China. The software issue is with the A4 sedan, estate and the long wheelbase version.

Audi USA has issued a statement saying that 1,01,900 units of the A4, built during 2013, 2014, and 2015 have the issue.

Audi's recall has no relation with the millions of cars that were recalled worldwide because of Japanese airbag supplier Takata Corp.

The Japanese firm is linked to 7.8 million US vehicles that were recalled because of the threat of launching shrapnel at the vehicle occupants in the event of a crash.

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