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This question is often fired at my end, as to which is the most stylish utility vehicle when it comes to Ertiga, Xylo and Innova? Few years ago, my definite choice would have been the Innova. However, times have changed and now there are more options in the form of Ertiga and Xylo.

Let's not forget Stylish Cars have indeed become a driving lifestyle!


Maruti has been around for ages. They definitely know the taste of success. Earlier to the Ertiga, Maruti's MUV offering came in the form of an Eeco, on the other hand it lacked premium style. To set that right, Maruti unleashed the Ertiga. But the question I ask myself is, whether the latest offering from Maruti has what it takes from the style front to push its competitors Toyota Innova and Mahindra Xylo?

Maruti's biggest advantage comes in the form of the price tag. The company has priced the Ertiga competitively. The top of the line variant Ertiga ZDI is priced (INR 8,85,137 ex-showroom Delhi) much lower than its competitors.

Let me run to the point straight. In terms of looks, it does not score very high in my books. A quick peek and you are reminded of the Maruti swift, especially the headlamps. Overall, the Ertiga gives me a spitting image of various models from Maruti's stable. Look-alike and inspired front grille from the Ritz and piddling tail lights, for a vehicle of its size are some of the other disappointments. On the up and up, I was expecting a more crisp and crude design.


The Xylo from Mahindra surely has attracted MUV lovers. The top of the line Xylo is priced at (INR 10,52,733 ex-showroom Delhi). If pricing is not a factor, however style setting features is important, you will surely love the Xylo. The stylish new headlights and mettlesome front grille has surely caught my attention. Mahindra has thoughtfully dished out pronounced wheel arches on the Xylo which further enhances the style.

Overall the Xylo wins the style battle with Ertiga in my books. Do you own a Xylo? If yes, would love to know what are some of the style features you love in your Xylo. On the other hand, are you thinking about shopping for an Ertiga during the festive season? Don't forget, you get an option from Toyota as well, in the form of an Innova.


Is it just me or have you fallen in love, with the Innova's panoramic windows too? Simply a genius innovation and styling design from Toyota. The Innova for sure has flair. The top of the line variant is priced at (INR 14,15,455).

The style of the Toyota Innova MPV is pure and simple. Do you like the Innova's styling? The Innova design according to me expresses dynamism. The styling and design has continuity and a clean flow to it.

When Toyota launched the Innova in India, its smooth lines certainly got my attention. Inspite being a people mover, Toyota managed to give it a styling and design, which is more aerodynamic when compared to Ertiga and Xylo.

From the engineering front, I believe Toyota has managed to provide a clean flowing MPV due to the slanting A pillar and D pillar.

I don't own an Innova, however if I have to choose among these options from the Grand styling front, the Innova surely wins it for me AGAIN!. Do you agree or you simply prefer the Xylo, Ertiga on the styling front? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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