Bangalore Bike Accident At Chikkaballapur | Local Dangerous Riding On Opposite Lane - DriveSpark

By: DriveSpark Video Team
Published : January 09, 2018, 04:50

A mob of villagers on the outskirts of Bangalore, angered by an accident which killed an 11-year-old girl damaged a few expensive motorcycles and beat up the bikers.A KTM RC 390 which was reportedly speeding, hit the girl trying to cross the 6-lane highway. A large crowd of villagers blocked the highway, targeting ‘fancy’ motorcycles. The motorcycles damaged later were not related to the KTM RC 390 which caused the incident in the first place, and yet suffered the ire of the villagers. Sufficient emphasis has been placed by mainstream media houses on speeding motorcycles causing a ruckus, but none seem to have showed the kind of disregard locals display towards the national highway. A video taken by a biker just a few hours before the big incident shows the locals’ attitude towards the highway users and how unsafe this disregard is.

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