LML Star, Moonshot & Orion EVs Unveiled - An Electric Revival

Indian two-wheeler manufacturer LML has revealed three electric vehicles - Star, Moonshot & Orion. The Star and Moonshot electric two-wheelers will arrive in India in the second half of 2023 while the Orion e-bike will hit the European and American markets in the first half of the same year.

LML Star, Moonshot & Orion EVs Unveiled - An Electric Revival

Let's talk about the two electric vehicles headed for India. The first of the duo is an electric scooter that sees LML revive the 'Star' nameplate. LML had sold a petrol scooter bearing the Star name in its previous avatar.

The new Star electric scooter sports an edgy, futuristic edgy design with a hint of maxi-scooter thrown in. Up front, the Star also sports a display panel on its fascia which can be used to display a custom text message. Other design features include a stepped seat, thick grab rails and a rather thick floorboard which we expect is where the EV's battery pack will be housed.

The LML Star also features telescopic front forks, a mono-shock at the rear, disc brakes all around and some rather nice-looking alloy wheels. LML hasn't revealed any details about the motor or battery pack of the Star scooter and we expect to get more details around the time the e-scooter arrives in 2023.
LML Star, Moonshot & Orion EVs Unveiled - An Electric Revival

The second of two electric two-wheelers confirmed for the Indian market is the rather crazy looking Moonshot. The Moonshot looks like a conventional dirt bike with its beak-like front end, slim and high set faux fuel tank, long saddle and bare frame design.

The exposed frame seen here is a trellis setup suspended by a premium upside-down front fork and a mono-shock at the rear. The dirt bike-inspired electric motorcycle sports disc brakes, alloy wheels, a portable battery pack, multiple riding modes and a fly-by-wire throttle.

LML claims that the Moonshot has a fast 0-70km/h sprint time though no actual figures have been provided. The Moonshot's range also isn't known but isn't expected to be on the higher side thanks to the presence of pedals on the show bike.

LML Star, Moonshot & Orion EVs Unveiled - An Electric Revival

The final of the three EVs showcased by LML is the Orion electric cycle. The LML Orion sports a hydro-formed 606 alloy frame along with an IP67-rated battery pack. The Orion electric bicycle from LML also features an inbuilt GPS system that sports predictive route sensors.

LML Star, Moonshot & Orion EVs Unveiled - An Electric Revival

Thoughts About LML's Electric Revival

LML was one of the better-known Indian two-wheeler brands of our past and to see it return in an all-electric avatar is hopefully a sign of good times in the future. This new LML looks to have big plans for the future and its first three offerings, set to arrive next year, are all distinct enough to grab the attention of buyers everywhere.

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Article Published On: Friday, September 30, 2022, 11:12 [IST]
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