KTM Motorcycles Sales Breakup - June 2022

KTM motorcycles are a favourite for many youngsters in the country and the two-wheeler manufacturer is well-known for its fun-to-ride motorcycles. However, the sales do not reflect these with dwindling YoY and MoM sales figures.

KTM Motorcycles Sales Breakup - June 2022

200 range (767 Units)

KTM 200 range of motorcycles comprising of KTM RC 200, and KTM Duke 200 continue to be the best-selling motorcycles in KTM's product line up in India. The peppy performance offered by these motorcycles more than satisfy the requirements of many youngsters in the country.

In June 2022, KTM sold 767 units of the KTM 200 range of motorcycles in India, resulting in almost 45 per cent and 36 per cent YoY and MoM sales decline, respectively.

KTM Motorcycles Sales Breakup - June 2022

390 range (374 Units)

The KTM 390 range of motorcycles are known for their performance and they are also excellent motorcycles for mile munching.

In June 2022, KTM sold 374 units of these motorcycles in India. Looking into numbers, YoY sales figures declined by more than 13 per cent, whereas the MoM sales figures also declined by almost 33 per cent.

Rank KTM Domestic Jun-22 Jun-21 Growth (%) YoY
1 200 767 1,404 -45.37
2 390 374 432 -13.43
3 250 218 536 -59.33
4 125 1 852 -99.88
Total 1,360 3,224 -57.82
Rank KTM Domestic Jun-22 May-22 Growth (%) MoM
1 200 767 1,197 -35.92
2 390 374 558 -32.97
3 250 218 642 -66.04
4 125 1 4 -75.00
Total 1,360 2,401 -43.60
KTM Motorcycles Sales Breakup - June 2022

250 range (218 Units)

The KTM 250 range of motorcycles offers the best balance of performance, economy and affordability in the KTM range of motorcycles in India. Despite such a significant quality, sales figures are not promising.

In terms of numbers, KTM sold 218 units of 250 range of motorcycles in June 2022. In comparison, KTM sold 536 units in June 2021, resulting in a 59 per cent decline in sales. Moreover, MoM sales figures went down by more than 66 per cent.

KTM Motorcycles Sales Breakup - June 2022

125 range (1 Unit)

KTM's 125 range of motorcycles was launched in India with hopes of high sales figures due to its affordability. However, it seems that the sales figures tell a whole different story.

In June 2022, just 1 KTM Duke 125 motorcycle was sold in India, resulting in a more than 99 per cent decline in YoY sales figures. Also, MoM sales figures were down by more than 75 per cent.

KTM Motorcycles Sales Breakup - June 2022

Thoughts About KTM Motorcycle Sales Performance

KTM motorcycles are generally performance-oriented motorcycles that many youngsters desire to buy. However, due to their performance-oriented characteristics, it seems many riders are choosing more rounded alternatives.

Moreover, motorcycle sales in the performance category as a whole is suffering in general due to the high prices that followed after the BS6 emission norms. This as also hurt the sales of KTM motorcycles in India.

KTM Motorcycles Sales Breakup - June 2022


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Article Published On: Monday, July 18, 2022, 14:04 [IST]
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