Bounce & Park+ To Setup 3500 Battery Swapping Stations

Bangalore based mobility company Bounce has tied up with Park+, an app for car users that allows them to find and pre-book parking online as well as pay challans and much more. The new partnership will see the two companies set up 3,500 EV battery swapping stations across 10 cities in India.

Bounce is set to launch its first electric scooter dubbed Infinity on the 2nd of December. The upcoming Bounce Infinity electric scooter will feature both a removable battery and 'Battery as a service'. This latter service will allow Infinity owners to swap their batteries for a fully charged unit allowing them to ride off with a fully charged electric scooter in less than a minute.

The new partnership will see Bounce and Park+ set up 3,500 battery swapping stations across 10 cities in India to facilitate battery swapping for the Infinity electric scooter.

These new battery swapping stations will be available in residential areas, major parking spaces, malls, corporate offices and other places. Customers looking to swap their battery packs will be able to find the nearest battery replacement facility using the Bounce and Park+ apps.

The 'Battery as a service' option will see the battery swapping stations in a similar way to current fuel stations. These stations will provide charged and ready-to-go batteries that customers can easily swap with their near-empty batteries in under a minute. With this infrastructure in place, Bounce claims that customers won't have to wait for the scooter to charge or worry if they forget to charge their scooter.

Speaking about the new partnership with Park+, Vivekananda Hallakere, Co-Founder & CEO, Bounce, said, "Our objective is to have our battery swapping stations to be within one kilometre of wherever you are and to enable this we have partnered with Park+. This partnership is in line with our effort to build a battery swapping infrastructure for a million+ scooters in the next 24 months."

Park+ Founder and CEO, Amit Lakhotia commented about the new tie-up with Bounce stating, "Park+ is on a mission to revolutionise automotive users' experience through a technology-enabled ecosystem of solutions. Tomorrow's automotive scene will be driven by EVs because of their advantages across the board. The absence of charging infrastructure is the biggest roadblock holding back widespread EV proliferation. We are committed to scaling up charging infrastructure at a rapid pace through our network of solutions across corporate parks, shopping malls and residential apartments."

Thoughts About The New Partnership Between Bounce and Park+

Bounce is getting ready to bring out its first electric scooter into the market this week and the new partnership with Park+ will see it set up over 3,500 battery swapping stations for its upcoming battery as a service feature. With both the Bounce and Park+ apps set to track these new facilities, customers will be able to track the nearest facility with ease.

This new development should also help ease concerns for customers looking to make the switch to electric scooters. This is also something we really hope other companies who plan to use the battery swapping tech in the future will also adopt.

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Article Published On: Monday, November 29, 2021, 16:19 [IST]
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