Branded Bikes In India: Top Things To Know Before Buying A Bike

By Michael Joseph

We all have different reasons for buying a bike. For some, it's merely a mode of transportation from home to office or for outing purposes. For some, it's a passion, a sport with the whole world as a playground. For others, it is just a status symbol.

Moreover, there are a large number of choices to spoil you out. As India is one of the biggest two-wheeler markets in India - there is a bike type to fit everyone's needs and purposes. For instance, TVS Apache RR 310 is a sports bike, while Suzuki Intruder is a cruiser bike. If you are getting confused with the abundant varieties offered by different bike manufacturers in India, you are not alone. To make it easier, here is a simple guide to help you buy your next motorcycle. Let's see where you can start!

Branded Bikes in India: Top Things to Know Before Buying a Bike

1. Let's Begin with the Basics

If you know what you are looking for in a bike, what all do you want from it; it will not be as complicated as it seems.

Branded Bikes in India: Top Things to Know Before Buying a Bike

At the time of selecting a bike, you can try to answer some of these questions:

  1. Why do you want to buy a bike and what is the motive behind purchasing it?
  2. What's more important? Style, comfort, performance, or control?
  3. Which brand and model do you prefer?
  4. Do you prefer a used bike or a new bike? As both have different pros and cons and your decision will affect your budget. If you are looking for a new bike, you should book a test drive.
  5. Are there any special bike features that you are looking for? Once you have decided what you want out of a bike, look for other relevant details.
  6. What's your budget? Be realistic with your financial abilities and then select the make and model of the bike (your two-wheeler insurance policy premium will also depend on the bike make and model)

This will be your first step. Once you answer the above questions, it will become quite easy for you to select your kind of bike.

Branded Bikes in India: Top Things to Know Before Buying a Bike

2. Now Select the Type of Bike You Need

While selecting a bike people often tend to define its size and match it with their daily needs. Based on the ergonomics, you can decide the type of motorcycle you want. Take a look at the different types of bike that you can consider buying based on your needs:

Branded Bikes in India: Top Things to Know Before Buying a Bike
  • Standard Bike: It is one of the most common bikes that come in variations of 125 CC to 1,000 CC. It's neither too large nor too small, which makes it a perfect fit for beginners as well as the experienced riders. For example, Honda Shine and KTM 200 Duke are standard bikes available in India.
  • Cruiser Bike: Cruiser bikes are the stylish bikes that come with a low seat and high handlebars. They mostly carry a standard V-twin engine and are comparatively heavier than standard bikes. These bikes are designed to travel short distances but can be attached with a lot of accessories to make it perfect for a quick road trip and weekend drive. For example, Harley Davidson RoadKing and Jawa Perak are cruiser bikes.
  • Sports Bike: Sportbikes are usually lighter in weight as they are majorly made from lighter materials and aluminium, which increases the manoeuvrability. Their seats are usually on height, to be able to lean farther without rubbing footpegs. Sports bikes have sufficient power that allows you to do everything. For example, Bajaj Pulsar RS200 and Yamaha FZS-FI V3 are sports bikes. Moreover, you can attach additional accessories to make it more comfortable for weekend sport-touring. The two-wheeler insurance for this type of bike is usually expensive as compared to others.
  • Touring Bike: Touring bikes are heavy bikes that have been designed for people who often ride long-distance across cities. They are big and powerful but more comfortable than other kinds of bike. Most touring bikes are well-equipped with storage spaces so that people can carry luggage while travelling. For example, Royal Enfield Himalayan and Hero XPulse 200 are touring bikes.
  • Sports Touring: These bikes are a great combination of touring bikes and sports bikes. As compared to a touring bike, they have a taller seat height. And in comparison to a sports bike, they have better luggage options for hauling extra gear on longer trips. For example, BMW R1200GS and Kawasaki Ninja 650 are sports touring bikes.
  • Branded Bikes in India: Top Things to Know Before Buying a Bike

    While deciding the bike, keep the following factors in mind:

    • The safety quotient of the bike
    • Bike's performance
    • Ease of handling
    • If it is ergonomically designed
    • The brand and the make
    • Size, shape, comfort and space
    • Branded Bikes in India: Top Things to Know Before Buying a Bike

      3. Where to Buy Your Bike From?

      Once you are done with the process of selecting a bike, you now need to check-it-out in the market. And while doing so, you need to keep the following factors in mind:

      Branded Bikes in India: Top Things to Know Before Buying a Bike
      1. If you are planning to buy a new bike, visit the nearest brand showroom of the bike that you are interested in and book a test drive.
      2. If you want to buy a second-hand bike, you can check-out the approved dealership departments selling used bikes. It is safer and convenient to buy it from a company instead of buying it from a person. But remember that the cost of bikes at second-hand dealerships could be higher in comparison to used motorcycle outlets.
      3. When purchasing a second-hand bike, it is advisable to inspect it thoroughly at any of the bike workshops or independent service centres before making the payment.
      Branded Bikes in India: Top Things to Know Before Buying a Bike

      4. How to Get your Bike Financed?

      The next thing you need to decide is how to finance your bike? You can make the down payment for the complete amount or buy it on loan. If you are purchasing it on loan, you will have to pay some amount as down payment and the remaining amount will be financed by the bank.

      Branded Bikes in India: Top Things to Know Before Buying a Bike

      If you decide to resell your bike, then you will have to pay off the entire loan amount. Once the loan payment has been completed then only you will be able to transfer the ownership. This is because until the loan tenor is completed its ownership lies with the bank itself.

      Branded Bikes in India: Top Things to Know Before Buying a Bike

      4. Look for Bike Accessories (Style & Safety)

      Now that you have your bike, you can add all the extra bells and whistles that you wanted to. You can get your bike customized directly from the manufacturer or get it done from a trustworthy bike accessory store outside, whatever works for you. Common bike accessories that are worth installing in your bike are - windshield, custom exhaust, better illuminative lights, backrest, and saddlebags among others. You can select the accessories that match your personality and riding needs. Make sure to check the quality of all these accessories, to avoid any hassle in the future.

      Branded Bikes in India: Top Things to Know Before Buying a Bike

      5. Get your New Bike Insured

      After you have purchased the bike and added all the accessories of your choice, it's time to get your bike insured. In India, third party bike insurance is compulsory for all bike owners to legally drive it on the road.

      But before you select a two-wheeler insurance policy for your bike, you must compare different bike insurance plans online. You can check the policy coverage and premiums charged by different insurance providers at insurance brokers such as

      Policybazaar bike insurance provides competitive and researched-based insurance plans with the best coverage at the lowest possible cost. You can also choose to buy add-on covers so that your brand-new bike is better protected from all kinds of dangers.

      This way, once you have purchased two wheeler insurance online, you are free to start riding your bike and rule the roads.

      Branded Bikes in India: Top Things to Know Before Buying a Bike

      In a Nutshell!

      Buying a bike is a dream and a passion for many. It is one of the most common modes of transport to get through the Indian streets. It offers both style and comfort at the same time. But before buying any vehicle, it is important to research and then make a decision. And the above guide is surely going to help you buy your ideal bike.

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Article Published On: Thursday, June 11, 2020, 19:40 [IST]
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