The Damon X Is The Safest Motorcycle In The World — Features Advanced Tech

Canadian motorcycle technology company Damon is working on a prototype motorcycle called Damon X. The company says that the motorcycle will be equipped with new and advanced technologies that have never been seen on a two-wheeler.

Two new technologies that Damon is currently developing, and that the company want to showcase on the Damon X are, a variable riding position, and an advanced traffic-tracking collision warning system that will offer riders an extra margin of safety on the road.

The variable riding position will allow the rider to electronically adjust riding positions. The rider will be able to adjust the seats, the foot pegs, and clip-on handlebars so as to set up the motorcycle for different riding styles, and also for dedicate use like off-roading, cruising, and track. In addition, the rider can raise the foot pegs and the seats to generate more ground clearance.

Damon has also developed a safety mechanism called the AWSM or Advance Warning System for Motorcycles. The safety system uses a combination of radars, cameras, sensors, and a neutral net computer (onboard) that is capable of tracking up to 64 objects around the motorcycle when it is moving.

Once the system detects potential danger, it sends warning signals to the rider. The warning signals are a set of LED strips positioned across the motorcycle's cockpit area. A secondary warning system is a vibration unit that is built in to the handlebar grips and the seats. The safety system is connected to the onboard computers via 5G connections.

Damon has already built a working prototype and has begun testing the motorcycle. In addition, they have supplied the West Vancouver Police Department with the AWSM system. Damon says they have managed to raise about 2.5 million Canadian Dollars to fund their project. The company also has plans to supply their advanced technologies (that can be implemented in the factories) to other bike manufacturers of the world as well.

Thoughts About The New Motorcycle Tech That Damon Is Building

While it does sound really interesting and sounds like it could work, we believe this tech has no place in India. I mean can you imagine the AWSM kicking off on Indian roads? With all the traffic, the road conditions, the 'Indian style' of riding, the dogs, the goats, the cattle, the folk crossing the road, and even the cops loitering around, the system is bound to go berserk. Well at least our backsides and hands will be well massaged thanks to the vibration functions.

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Article Published On: Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 11:48 [IST]
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