Lotus C-01 Motorcycle Images Revealed In Leaked Rendering

By Ganesh

Here are the very first images of the long awaited Lotus Motorcycles' C-01 and we have UK's Motorcycle News to thank. The publication claims these computer generated images are not rendered by them, but have been sourced straight from sources inside Lotus Motorcycles.

If these renderings are indeed of the Lotus C-01 then the first thing that comes to our mind is that it looks nothing like what we had in mind. In fact, the Lotus C-01 has a unique design except for the fact that it bears a classic motorcycle look.

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From these images and from the few bits of information that are out we assume that the claimed 200 HP engine is housed inside a carbon fiber casing, which will most likely not be painted, to give it the raw, black carbon look. This will be adorned with gold lines to get the trademark Lotus styling. The C-01's build will also contain other lightweight materials such as titanium.

The liquid cooled V-twin engine, according to MCN, will be sourced from KTM and will be tuned to generate 200 HP. We can be sure the C-01 will be very fast in a straight line due to its dragster like design.

Lotus C-01's design is the work of Daniel Simon, a former Bugatti designer. The designer is known for radical designs such as the light cycles from the movie Tron and Bubbleships from Oblivion. However, we are not sure if the C-01 gels with the Lotus' design philosophy.

It is hard to decide whether or not we like how the Lotus C-01 looks and hence we'll refrain from giving out a verdict until the actual thing is launched.

Do share your thought about the Lotus C-01 in the comments section below.

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Article Published On: Thursday, January 23, 2014, 17:04 [IST]
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