Tata Nexon Owner Fined For 'Not Wearing Helmet' In Kerala — Lunacy Or A Simple Mistake?

India's police force can be strict when they want to be with regards to enforcing the rules. However, they are also known for random bouts of lunacy as a Tata Nexon owner found out when he was fined Rs 100 for not wearing a helmet in his SUV while driving in Kerala.

Gopa Kumar, who posted the images on his Facebook wall, was travelling with his family in his Tata Nexon SUV in Kerala. Whle driving down the Shasthamkotta - Chavara road, Kumar was stopped by the Kerala Traffic police and challaned Rs 100. While it is quite possible that the driver of the Nexon may have been stopped for some other issue by the cops, the reason given for the challan by Kerala's upholders of trafffic rules was rather puzzling — 'Not Wearing A Helmet'.

Well unless we've all been living under a collective rock since Independence, the law stating a helmet has to be worn is applicable only for those travelling about on two wheels. So unless an amendment to this law has been passed by Kerala, the challan issued by the Kerala Police is a really big case of either lunacy or human error.

We mention human error as usually when the men in Khakhi and White start stopping traffic offenders, there are quite a few vehicles that are stopped at the same time. This could very well be a case of either mistaken identity or just plain human error. It is also quite possible that at the time that the challan was issued both the cops and the owner of the car may have not checked the reason mentioned for the challan. Since neither party involved checked the challan and the fact that the fine has been paid, there doesn't seem to be any option for the challan to be revoked. 

However, the fact that the vehicle's registration number is mentioned means that the cops were atleast looking at either the Nexon SUV or the driver's registration papers when the reason for the challan was entered. While we are still trying to get off the floor after laughing our heads off at the blundering cops, this is not the first time this kind of lunacy has been observed from the enforcers of the law. We shudder to think what they'll come up with next and really do wish they would pay more attention. 

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Article Published On: Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 18:34 [IST]
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