The Right Way To Open A Car Door: Dutch Reach Technique Explained

There are hundreds of videos on the internet that show bicycles, motorcycles and even other cars crashing into the door of a car that was opened all of a sudden. Well, these incidents are more common than you would think.

While it may look funny to some people, it certainly isn't funny, especially for the people who actually crashed into the door that popped open in front of them all of a sudden. In order to stop this menace, some countries have made it illegal to open car doors onto the road. However, these incidents continue to happen.

The Dutch Reach Explained: The Right Way To Open A Car Door

The people getting out of the car do not see the other vehicle approaching from the rear due to multiple reasons. Sometimes, they might just forget to look behind and some other times they might be lost in thoughts. Now though, a solution is in sight.

The Dutch Reach Explained: The Right Way To Open A Car Door

A video has surfaced which shows its viewers the right way to open a door. The video speaks of a technique called the ‘Dutch Reach.' It is relatively unknown in most countries around the world.

However, it is part of the school curriculum in the Netherlands, thereby teaching its citizens the basics of safety right from a young age. The technique is extremely simple and will reduce accidents of this sort by a huge margin if everyone knew about it. It involves opening the car door using the farther hand.

The Dutch Reach Explained: The Right Way To Open A Car Door

This means, the ones seated on the right seats should use their left hand to open the door. The ones seated on the left side of the car should use their right hand to open the door. This way, a person's entire body turns towards the rear of the car while opening the door.

The Dutch Reach Explained: The Right Way To Open A Car Door

Also, if any vehicle is approaching from the rear, they will be within sight of the person. If put in practice, it will greatly reduce the number of accidents caused due to the sudden opening of doors.

The Dutch Reach Explained: The Right Way To Open A Car Door

Thoughts On The Right Way To Open A Car Door From The Inside

Accidents caused by sudden opening of doors have even lead to fatalities. If people are educated about the dutch reach, these incidents would reduce and lives will no longer be at risk. Passengers of low-riding sports cars will have to put in some extra effort to do this, but it will be worth it in the end.

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Article Published On: Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 19:53 [IST]
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