Police Seize Nissan GT-R After Driver Does Drifts Near The Parliament & PM’s Residence

In the wee hours of Saturday, 13 July 2019, security guards and police around the high-security zone of the parliament and Prime Minister's residence were given a rude awakening by a Nissan GT-R.

Reports have now emerged that the driver of that car has been arrested and the highly-modified Nissan GT-R has been seized by the Police. Stunt driving and riding is prohibited on all public roads across the country.

However, there are empty roads, away from crowds and from the eye of the law where one can get away by doing such stunts. However, getting away with it after doing donuts and drifting in a high security zone like Vijay Chowk is next to impossible as the driver of this vehicle leartn.

Sarvesh Sindhu, the director of Spectrum Renewable Energy Limited was identified as the owner of the Nissan GT-R and it was Sarvesh himself behind the wheel on Saturday. At around 4:35am, Sarvesh approaches the junction at a normal pace, but upon seeing the place empty starts drifting his Nissan GT-R.

The sounds produced by the car were loud enough to scare a few journalists in the area and alerted security personnel. Sarvesh however didn't stay in the area for a long time and left the place in less than two minutes.

However, with this being a high security zone, there were CCTV cameras in the area and Police were able to capture footage of the vehicle. The Nissan GT-R is a rare car with just a few examples in the country, hence it would be easy to track it down. A dual-tone Nissan GT-R is even easier to spot.

Sarvesh reportedly drove the car to his farmhouse to hide it since the video of his drifts went viral. However, the police tracked it down there as well. It is an intriguing incident though, as someone as experienced as Sarvesh Sindhu would not ideally do such a thing.

For starters, Sarvesh is reputed businessman and is the nephew of Captain Abhimanyu who is a BJP leader and the Finance Minister of Haryana. Adding to this is the fact that Sarvesh Sindhu was a mature driver, owning cars like the Nissan GT-R and the Ferrari 458 Speciale.

In-fact, he had recently completed an all-India roadtrip, driving his GT-R across the country. He never faced any such problems while doing the Delhi-Mumbai-Goa-Bangalore-Chennai-Hyderabad-Bhubaneshwar-Kolkata-Lucknow-Delhi route.

However, he got into trouble in his own city, Delhi. According to reports, Sarvesh told the police that he had taken the car for a spin on Friday night and found the area around the Vijay Chowk empty and decided to do a drift stunt around the police kiosk.

He should have known better than to do such a thing in a high security zone. The Nissan GT-R is powered by a 3.8-litre V6 engine with a maximum power output of 562bhp and a peak torque output of 637Nm. It lets out a roar even in stock form.

The GT-R owned by Sarvesh Sindhu though, wasn't stock. It is a highly modified car that reportedly puts out more than 800bhp. The video clearly shows it spitting out flames from the exhaust. That can only mean one thing - it is a really loud supercar.

Getting an AWD supercar to do donuts requires almost full throttle and this would have made it even louder. All this at 4am, several metres away from the Parliament is a bad idea!

Thoughts On Nissan GT-R Seized After Driver Does Drifts Near Parliament & PM's Residence

We have no doubt that the Nissan GT-R and Sarvesh Sindhu will both be released from custody very soon. In-fact, the police said they would issue a challan to Sarvesh Sindhu for dangerous driving under the motor vehicle act.

However, keeping the security aspect in mind, how did he even manage to go so close to the parliament? National security should be taken more seriously as this was just a Nissan GT-R and its driver having fun.

It would have been more serious if the wrong people got so close to the parliament and PM's residence. Other high security buildings like the Indian Air Force headquarters too is in proximity.

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Article Published On: Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 15:35 [IST]
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