Car Thief Who Stole Over 100 New Cars Caught — The Dude Carried A Toy Pistol!

On Wednesday night, a night that seemed like any other, two men in a silver Maruti Suzuki Brezza found themselves surrounded by a nine-member police team from Shahdara district. The driver, 40 year old Kunal is a wanted man. He, and his accomplice, Shahid, are wanted for stealing over 100 new cars over the last 20 years.

Our thieves had no intention of surrender, and what happened next is generally heard of in Bollywood films. Kunal reversed the vehicle, hit a police van, and sped past three officers. He then rammed into another vehicle. A member of the police team, Sub-Inspector Rohtash, realized how electric the situation was. "Kunal's criminal dossier showed he had fired at policemen in the past," he said.

According to Indian Express, Kunal got out of the car, and injured three policemen with a heavy iron rod. Here is when things began to turn rather hilarious. The seasoned thief whipped out a pistol. In a moment of daring, Sub-Inspector Rohtash subdued him. "Thankfully, he used a toy pistol," Rohtash said.

The Anti-Auto Theft Squad of Shahdara district arrested Kunal and his associate Shahid, and charged them with stealing over 100 cars. DCP Meghna Yadav said, "Kunal was notorious in the district as he stole cars at night, and had given PCR vans a slip."

Kunal has 21 cases registered against him. According to the police, he evaded arrest by getting plastic surgery, changing his name and his address. "He is currently known as 'Bhoothnath," said the police.

The arresting officers say it takes him under five minutes to steal a car. He wears a black mask and gloves, and gets clues on stealing the car by glancing at the serial numbers on the windshield.

Kunal uses strong magnets to disable locking systems of steering wheels, heavy iron rods to open doors, and a pre-coded Electronic Control Module to bypass the vehicle's security system. Police say he has made instructional videos about stealing cars and has uploaded them to YouTube.

"The cars he stole recently were 2019 models. We are yet to find who he sold the stolen vehicles to," DCP Yadav said. Police recovered four Brezza cars, and are expected to trace the other vehicles provided they track the receiver.

He was arrested a couple of years ago and detained at C R Park police station. Kunal supposedly wrote a letter stating he was ashamed of jumping cars, and even and tried to commit suicide while in the lock up. He eventually escaped and went back to stealing.

He was arrested on Wednesday and brought to the Anand Vihar police station where officers were curious about his modus operandi. The arresting team asked him to open a locked car as a demonstration. "He opened it in four minutes," said an officer.

Thoughts About Kunal The Car Thief Being Arrested

Here's a guy who stole cars for a living, went through plastic surgeries, and evaded the police for 20 years. And he did it all with a toy pistol. The maximum penalty for the charge of stealing a motor vehicle or vessel (Section 154F of The Crimes Act 1990) is 10 years imprisonment.

We know this is the worst he will get from the judicial system in the country, but we hope the police are smart enough give him a well paying job within their ranks. Someone of his criminal caliber can help the cops solve many stolen vehicle cases. But well!

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Article Published On: Thursday, May 16, 2019, 19:10 [IST]
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