Toy Barbie Mustang With A Turbocharged Dirt Bike Engine Is Absolutely Bonkers [Video]

A group of car nuts on youtube who go by the moniker of the Grind Hard Plumbing Company, have taken a Powerwheels Barbie Mustang and have fitted it with an engine from a Honda CRF 230 dirt bike. Sometime later, the madcap toy car was featured by Design Insider on their youtube channel.

The manic Barbie Mustang started life as a Power Wheels toy which is powered by a 12V battery. However, the duo at the shop decided to chuck out the engine and also gave the toy's frame the boot as well. They then fitted the pink Mustang body onto the frame of a go-kart purchased off Craigslist. The car needed 

The duo then set about getting to work on powering the mental Barbie car. They borrowed the engine from a Honda CRF 230F which features a performance camshaft, upgraded piston and a big bore kit and now displaces 240cc. They welded engine mounts onto the front of the go-kart chassis for better weight distribution. The mad Barbie car sports a clutch pull handle on the steering wheel and also features a gear lever in the cockpit.

The Barbie Mustang with the bored out go-kart engine cranked out 27bhp and managed to reach a top speed of 70 miles/hour (112.65km/h). However, the bonkers guys at Grind Hard Plumbing Company (who are not actually plumbers) decided that the little Barbie car wasn't manic enough. They went onto ebay and found the cheapest turbocharger they could find and fitted it onto the Barbie Mustang's dirt bike engine. 

The new turbo meant that Barbie car needed better traction (the non-turbo version lacked traction in the first place anyway). So after fitting the Barbie car with better wheels and tyres that are a lot wider and bit of tuning thanks to the help of a friend who works on Harleys and some North Idaho dyno testing (their words not mine), the Barbie car finally set out on a top speed run. However, after a run in which the mad toy Mustang hit 70 miles/hour, the car sputtered to a halt as it was slotted into gear for the return run. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a top speed run since.

The total cost of the Barbie Mustang with its turbocharged engine came to $1675 (Rs 1.2 lakhs). For more details, you can click the video below.

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Article Published On: Tuesday, February 5, 2019, 19:30 [IST]
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