Kite Strings Become The New Killers — Are You Aware Of This?

By Rajkamal

Road accidents have many causes, from drunk driving to plain negligent driving. Another very important cause of fatalities, which is almost invisible to the naked eyes is kite strings. This simple object used by people across all ages can become a lethal killer.

Take for example two cases, that were recorded in the same day, on Independence Day. First was Sanchi Goyal, who was returning home from Naraina, Delhi, after watching a movie. The incident happened at Britannia Chowk when Sanchi wanted to put her head out of the window.

Sanchi's father opened the sunroof, and her mother held the child out of the Honda City they were in. Moments later, a kite string slit the girl's throat and she collapsed on her mother's lap. Police claim that the string slit her vocal chords and the windpipe, causing instant death.

The other incident involved Harry, a 4-year old who put his head outside the Swift's sunroof he was in. He was returning home with his father after a long drive to celebrate Independence Day. The string slit his throat, causing instant death again.

On both the cases, the children were rushed to the hospital, but were declared brought dead.

The above mentioned cases are not the only two incidents. There are many such cases that have either killed people or left them seriously injured by what seems to be a harmless object. Police have even banned shopkeepers from selling the particular kite string, which is made in China.

The harm is caused not only to humans, but to animals and birds that lose their lives. It is high time that we have to keep an eye out.

What can be done to prevent such accidents?

The first and foremost step that can be taken to prevent such accidents is follow rules — why is something that is banned (the Chinese kite string) being sold? Why are we not aware of this ban and why are we opting to buy the thread? These are two questions we have to ask ourselves and educate ourselves.

Buying the thread could seem harmless, but when such incidents occur, we are solely responsible for someone's life, which is priceless.

Another simple step we can follow is not to put our heads or let our children put their heads out of a window in a moving car. Sticking your head out in a moving car may seem fun, but risks involved are also high.

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Article Published On: Wednesday, August 17, 2016, 13:24 [IST]
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