Tata Motors Trucks – Smarter, Safer & Easier On The Budget

By DriveSpark Bureau

Tata Motors, the nation's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, recently launched its new lineup of trucks for the Indian market. The new launch by Tata Motors saw the nation's commercial vehicle leader add world-class features to many models from India's best-selling truck platforms - Prima, Signa and Ultra.

The new lineup of trucks from Tata Motors are smarter, safer and more fuel efficient than ever before. This is thanks to new technological advancements that ensure drivers are safer and more comfortable behind the wheel. The usage of alternative fuel solutions like CNG also guarantee that the running costs of these new trucks is the lowest in their respective segments.

Among the many new trucks introduced at the launch, 7 all-new models in the ILCV range & 5 new CNG powered trucks are worth taking note of. The new range of Tata trucks cater to a varied variety of goods movement applications across an array of sectors that include agriculture, cement, iron & steel, container, vehicle carrier, petroleum, chemical, water tankers, LPG, FMCG, white goods, perishables, construction, mining and municipal applications among others.

Leading the charge, is the new Prima range of Tata Trucks that continue to be the benchmark for comfort, styling, safety, ergonomics and ease of operation. The updated Prima truck lineup also includes India's first truck to be equipped with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). India's first ADAS-equipped truck aids drivers with the Collision Mitigation System (CMS), and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) that have been developed especially for Indian operating conditions. The safety tech fest on the new Prima lineup continues with additional safety features like Driver Monitoring System (DMS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

The new Prima range of trucks also offers a new level of comfort for the driver thanks to the new ergonomically designed cabin. The new cabin has been designed to enhance driver comfort and safety with an array of best-in-class features and conveniences. These features, that can also be seen on the Signa lineup of trucks include a new 7-inch advanced touchscreen infotainment system that sports advanced connectivity features along with a new instrument cluster and an easy-to-access switch panel. The trucks also sport new three-spoke steering wheels with mounted controls and Bluetooth connectivity.

Tata Motors also introduced India's first CNG-powered M&HCVs in the 28 and 19-tonne nodes. These new Signa trucks offer the most fuel-efficient gas-powered engine that help deliver the lowest cost of ownership in the segment.

These new CNG Signa trucks offer a maximum range of 1,000 kilometres on a full tank of CNG which allows drivers to cover vast distances without needing to refuel. When the time comes to top up the tanks, the dual nozzles for the CNG tanks allow for fast refueling thereby ensuring less time is wasted on the go.

Tata's updated lineup of trucks also includes 7 new I & LCV trucks that are offered at 4-18 tonne GVW. Tata claims this new range of I & LCVs is the ideal choice for both last mile as well as medium to long haul with a variety of engine & cabin options befitting the duty cycle requirement.

The 7 new fuel-efficient diesel and CNG trucks and tippers, under the FE Series, offer better application-oriented solutions with more options of vehicle weight and deck lengths. The new range of I & LCV trucks includes the LPK610 which features high ground clearance and H2LS brakes for effective braking with a short stopping distance.

The new LP709g XD trucks sports a 5 square feet deck area and offers 10 per cent higher mileage while the SK 710 offers a 4 cubic metre body mounted on Tata's trusted SFC platform. The all-new Tata LPT 1512g truck uses a CNG powertrain that offers 10 per cent more mileage compared to its competition.
The final three new I & LCV models are all from Tata's Ultra lineup of trucks are dubbed the T.12g, K.14 and the T.16 Cx. The T.12 and T.16 Cx trucks are are powered by a 3.8-litre CNG and a 3.3-litre diesel engine respectively. These engines offer reliable and proven performance to the drivers of these trucks. The T.16 Cx also offers a comfortable Ultra cabin for its diver. The Tata Ultra K.14 sports an air-conditioned cabin that offers best-in-class comfort and also sports a very high gradeability of 37%.

With its new lineup of trucks tailored for Indian conditions, Tata Motors leads the way in setting new benchmarks in terms of comfort, safety and fuel efficiency. The new updated lineup of trucks sets the stage for Tata Motors to continue its dominance of the commercial vehicle market in India.

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Article Published On: Friday, September 23, 2022, 18:06 [IST]
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