CSD cars Price List 2022

CSD (Canteen Store Department) offers goods at subsidised rates to defence personnel across India. CSD or ‘Army Canteen’ as commonly called, allows all those employed in India’s Defence Sector to purchase a host of items, including cars at subsidised amounts. This includes all the commissioned officers and ex-servicemen from the Defence Sector, irrespective of their rank.

The personnel can purchase the car by making payments through the CSDs, while its registration can be done anywhere in India, depending on the buyer's preferred location. Here are the subsidised prices of cars from each brand in India:

Model NamePrice
Maruti Suzuki
S Cross Zeta Automatic 9.77 lakh
S Cross Delta Automatic 9.45 lakh
S Cross Alpha 9.68 lakh
S Cross Zeta 8.64 lakh
S Cross Delta 8.33 lakh
S Cross Sigma 7.15 lakh
XL6 Zeta Automatic 7.35 lakh
XL Alpha 6.99 lakh
XL6 Zeta 6.61 lakh
Vitara Brezza VXI Automatic 6.55 lakh
Vitara Brezza ZXI Plus 6.53 lakh
Vitara Brezza ZXI 6.09 lakh
Vitara Brezza VXI 5.58 lakh
Ciaz Alpha Automatic 7.44 lakh
Ciaz Zeta Automatic 7.24 lakh
Ciaz Delta Automatic 6.67 lakh
Ciaz Alpha 6.67 lakh
Ciaz Zeta 6.48 lakh
Ciaz Delta 5.95 lakh
Ciaz Sigma 5.56 lakh
Ertiga ZXI Automatic 5.41 lakh
Ertiga ZXI Plus 5.66 lakh
Ertiga ZXI 5.05 lakh
Ertiga VXI 4.59 lakh
Ertiga VXI Automatic 4.96 lakh
Ertiga LXI 3.83 lakh
Dzire ZXI Plus AGS 6.65 lakh
Dzire ZXI AMT 5.63 lakh
Dzire VXI AGS 5.50 lakh
Dzire ZXI Plus 6.24 lakh
Dzire ZXI 5.63 lakh
Dzire VXI 4.99 lakh
Dzire LXI 4.40 lakh
Baleno Alpha Automatic 6.79 lakh
Baleno Zeta Automatic 6.32 lakh
Baleno Delta Automatic 5.89 lakh
Baleno Alpha 5.75 lakh
Baleno Zeta 5.27 lakh
Baleno Delta 4.85 lakh
Baleno Sigma 4.27 lakh
Ignis Alpha AMT 5.12 lakh
Ignis Zeta AMT 4.49 lakh
Ignis Delta AMT 4.31 lakh
Ignis Alpha 5.83 lakh
Ignis Zeta 5.10 lakh
Ignis Delta 4.90 lakh
Ignis Sigma 3.69 lakh
S Presso VX+ AMT 4.18 lakh
S Presso VXI AGS 3.50 lakh
S Presso VXI Plus 3.68 lakh
S Presso VXI 3.16 lakh
S Presso LXI 2.99 lakh
Eeco AC 5-Seater with CNG 3.14 lakh
Eeco 7-Seater without AC 3.05 lakh
Swift ZXI AMT 5.41 lakh
Swift VXI AMT 4.96 lakh
Swift ZXI Plus 5.66 lakh
Swift ZXI 5.05 lakh
Swift VXI 4.96 lakh
Maruti Swift LXI 3.83 lakh
Wagon R ZXI AGS 4.51 lakh
Wagon R VXI AGS 1.2 4.25 lakh
Wagon R VXI Option AGS 1.0 4.05 lakh
Wagon R LXI CNG 3.90 lakh
Wagon R ZXI 1.2 4.51 lakh
Wagon R VXI 1.2 4.25 lakh
Wagon R VXI (O) 1.0 3.68 lakh
Wagon R LXI 1.0 3.29 lakh
Maruti Celerio ZXI 5MT 3.62 lakh
Maruti Celerio VXI 5MT 3.44 lakh
Maruti Celerio ZXI Option 3.95 lakh
Maruti Celerio ZXI 4.30 lakh
Maruti Celerio VXI (O) 3.50 lakh
Alto 800 LXI CNG 3.13 lakh
Alto 800 VXI 2.68 lakh
Alto 800 LXI 2.51 lakh
Renault Kwid Rxt Option 1L 4.25 lakh
Renault Triber RXZ AMT Automatic 6.76 lakh
Renault Triber RXZ Petrol 6.35 lakh
Renault Triber RXT Petrol 5.85 lakh
Renault Triber RXL Petrol 5.38 lakh
Renault Triber RXE Petrol 4.65 lakh
Harrier XZ 17.68 lakh
Harrier XMA Diesel / XT 6.47 lakh
Tata Harrier XM 6.47 lakh
Tata Harrier XE 6.46 lakh
Nexon (P) XZA+ 6.47 lakh
Nexon (P) XZ+ 17.7 lakh
Nexon (P) XZ 9.2 lakh
Nexon (P) XMA 6.46 lakh
Nexon (P) XM 6.92 lakh
Nexon (P) XE 6.37 lakh
Nexon XZA Plus Diesel 10.35 lakh
Nexon (D) XZ+ 6.47 lakh
Nexon (D) XZ 9.29 lakh
Nexon (D) XM 8.15 lakh
Nexon (D) XE 7.39 lakh
Altroz XZ(O) 1.2 P 6.99 lakh
Altroz XZ 1.2 P 6.71 lakh
Altroz XT 1.2 P 6.45 lakh
Altroz XM 1.2 P 5.48 lakh
Altroz XE 1.2 P 4.93 lakh
Altroz XZ(O) 1.5 D 8.04 lakh
Altroz XZ 1.5 D 8.05 lakh
Tigor (P) XZA+ New 6.63 lakh
Tigor (P) XZ+ New 6.14 lakh
Tigor (P) XZ New 5.57 lakh
Tigor (P) XMA New 5.73 lakh
Tigor (P) XM New 5.24 lakh
Tigor (P) XE New 4.72 lakh
Tiago (P) XZA+ DT New 5.95 lakh
Tiago (P) XZA+ New 5.84 lakh
Tiago (P) XZ+ New 5.39 lakh
Tiago (P) XZ+ DT New 5.57 lakh
Tiago (P) XZ New 5.11 lakh
Tiago (P) XT New 4.76 lakh
Tiago (P) XE New 4.15 lakh
Innova Crysta VX Diesel 19.6 lakh
Innova Crysta GX Diesel 16.37 lakh
Yaris J CVT 8.94 lakh
Yaris J Manual 8.30 lakh
Glanza V CVT 7.89 lakh
Glanza G CVT 7.35 lakh
Glanza V Manual 6.70 lakh
Honda City 5th Gen ZX MT Diesel 13.60 lakh
Honda City 5th Gen VX MT Diesel 12.65 lakh
Honda City 5th Gen VMT Diesel 11.35 lakh
Honda City 5th Gen ZX CVT Automatic 13.45 lakh
Honda City 5th Gen VX CVT Automatic 12.45 lakh
Honda City 5th Gen V CVT Automatic 11.20 lakh
Honda City 5th Gen ZX MT Petrol 12.15 lakh
Honda City 5th Gen VX MT Petrol 11.26 lakh
Honda City 5th Generation VMT Petrol 10.00 lakh
Honda City V Petrol 4th Generation 8.94 lakh
Honda City SV Petrol 4th Generation 8.31 lakh
Honda WRV VX Diesel 9.74 lakh
Honda WRV SV Diesel 8.65 lakh
Honda WRV VX Petrol 8.55 lakh
Honda WRV SV Petrol 7.49 lakh
Honda Jazz ZX CVT 8.60 lakh
Honda Jazz VX CVT 7.97 lakh
Honda Jazz V CVT 7.58 lakh
Honda Jazz ZX MT Petrol 7.71 lakh
Honda Jazz VX MT Petrol 6.88 lakh
Honda Jazz V MT Petrol 6.50 lakh
Honda Amaze V CVT IDtec Diesel 8.45 lakh
Honda Amaze VX MT Diesel 8.14 lakh
Honda Amaze V MT Diesel 7.70 lakh
Honda Amaze S MT Diesel 7.16 lakh
Honda Amaze V CVT Automatic 7.36 lakh
Honda Amaze VX MT Petrol 6.95 lakh
Honda Amaze VMT Petrol 6.51 lakh
Honda Amaze SMT Petrol 5.99 lakh
Ford Ecosport Titanium Diesel 8.97 lakh
Ford Ecosport Trend Diesel 8.20 lakh
Ford Ecosport Automatic Petrol 10.10 lakh
Ford Ecosport Titanium Petrol 8.81 lakh
Ford Ecosport Trend Petrol 7.85 lakh
Ford Freestyle Titanium Diesel 7.32 lakh
Ford Freestyle Titanium Petrol 6.35 lakh
Ford Figo Titanium Diesel 6.96 lakh
Ford Aspire Titanium Petrol 6.48 lakh
Ford Figo Titanium Petrol 5.97 lakh
Hyundai Verna SX AT Diesel 8.93 lakh
Hyundai Verna SX Diesel 7.22 lakh
Hyundai Verna S Plus Diesel 7.22 lakh
Hyundai Verna SX Option CVT 9.37 lakh
Hyundai Verna SX Option Turbo 9.46 lakh
Hyundai Verna SX Option Petrol 8.58 lakh
Hyundai Verna SX IVT 10.85 lakh
Hyundai Verna SX Petrol 7.24 lakh
Hyundai Creta SX Option IVT 11.04 lakh
Hyundai Creta SX IVT 10.20 lakh
Hyundai Creta S Diesel 8.73 lakh
Hyundai Creta EX Diesel 7.85 lakh
Hyundai Creta E Diesel 6.8 lakh
Hyundai Creta SX Petrol 9.2 lakh
Hyundai Creta S Petrol 8.01 lakh
Hyundai Creta EX Petrol 7.19 lakh
Hyundai Creta E Petrol 8.86 lakh
Venue 1.0 SX+ DCT 10.16 lakh
Venue 1.0 S DCT 8.50 lakh
Venue 1.0 SX 7.45 lakh
Venue 1.2 S Plus 7.39 lakh
Venue 1.2 S Petrol 6.55 lakh
Venue 1.2 E Petrol 5.96 lakh
I20 Magna Diesel 3.62 lakh
I20 Asta Option DCT 9.82 lakh
I20 Asta IVT 8.46 lakh
I20 Asta Option 4.19 lakh
I20 Sportz Turbo IMT 7.70 lakh
I20 Sportz IVT 7.52 lakh
I20 Sportz 3.90 lakh
I20 Magna 3.62 lakh
Aura SX 6.37 lakh
Aura S CNG 6.46 lakh
Aura S AMT 6.16 lakh
Aura S 5.73 lakh
Grand i10 Nios Sportz AMT 6.22 lakh
Grand i10 Nios Magna AMT 5.68 lakh
Grand i10 Nios Asta 6.35 lakh
Grand i10 Nios Sportz 5.70 lakh
Grand i10 Nios Magna 5.20 lakh
Grand i10 Nios Era 4.45 lakh
Santro Asta 4.19 lakh
Santro Sportz AMT 4.30 lakh
Santro Sportz 3.90 lakh
Santro Magna AMT 4.00 lakh
Santro Magna 3.62 lakh
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